the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada


Strategy & Content Creation for two Canadian tours with Dr. Jane Goodall – Jane’s appearances are critical for fundraising and awareness. It’s important that JGI Canada be thoughtful about using social media to spread her message, and generate high levels of engagement during her time in Canada


The Founders Media team focused on IG stories, lives, and Reels (short-form video content) highlighting behind the scene moments with the JGI Canada team with a dash of humour, key events across Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Halifax), and the pure magic of Dr. Jane Goodall, including but not limited to:

+ Creating energizing, funny, inspiring, and highly shareable educational content


+ High quality photography
+ “Streeters” – interviewing people before and after the events, and capturing the feeling & hype
+ Highlighting BTS with Jane, snippets of her on stage, and stand-out quotes
+ Creating avenues for cross-promotion, growth, and recyclable content for future uses (posts, reels, newsletters, campaigns) with sponsors such as Air Canada and Bullfrog Energy.


JGI Canada reported unprecedented growth in audience impressions and engagement by implementing Founders Media strategies and tactics.

 “Brittany’s work on these tours led to massive increases in our followership, and levels of engagement we had never seen before. She managed to strike a delicate balance between playfulness and substance, making people care about the issues while also entertaining and delighting them. Strategies that Brittany taught us are used by our communications team now every day. Her impact is long-lasting, and every single moment of working with her is a major Joy.”

Alex Johnson
Director of Marketing & Communications for the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

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